Google+ aids job-seeking students

by C. Alex Biersch

With more than 1.5 billion registered users as of February 2014, you have most likely been exposed to the growing popularity of Google+.

Leandra Romero, a senior broadcast journalism major, said that Google+ has many things to offer college students who are planning their next moves after college.

“While LinkedIn is great to have and use as a online resume, Google+ shows employers that you are savvy with social media,” Romero said.

Many undergraduates are looking to expand their presence and notoriety in order to expand their careers. Google+ provides a platform where students are able to do so and be successful.

Whether you use the website to aid you as a student, a friend, or an aspiring professional looking to improve your image, Google+ has all of the tools you need in order to accomplish your goals and connect with other people.

Here is a list of features on Google+ that will aid any job-seeking college student in finding future employment.

1. +1

Similar to a Facebook ‘Like,’ on Google+ you can +1 a website, business page or status update. This +1 shows that you approve of the content and will let these places know how much you appreciate them. This is important to students, because you can use this feature on businesses and industries that you are interested in someday being apart of and working for.

Madison Wade, a senior broadcast journalism major, hopes to work for the Fox Sport Network in the future.

“I +1 to Fox Sports so I was included in their network,” Wade said. “But it also led me to seeing who was in their circles and I was able to see who they are connected with.”

2. Circles

Within Google+, for each person or organization you want to connect with, you can click the ‘follow’ button and add these connections to a “circle.” Think of circles as online groups for a certain set of people. This feature allows you to compartmentalize your connections into different clusters, which makes it easier to view and share information.

Jackie Kelly, a senior journalism major, uses circles to help her keep business and friends separate.

“Circles is great for keeping your life organized,” Kelly said. “I can post a funny picture to my friends circle and then post an important life event to my business circle.”

3. Event

Google+ Event is a great way to meet new people outside of the website and in the real world. As a student, this feature provides you with an opportunity to learn from industry professionals outside of the classroom. This feature can also sync with your email and phone calendar so that you are always aware of the events you want to attend.

Christie Harrah, a senior business administration major, uses events to make connections while she is in school.

“Using this feature has enabled me to meet people in the industry that I wouldn’t have otherwise met,” Harrah said. “Many of them are not from California, so it has broaden my connection base.”

4. Communities

Do you have a specific interest that you have been trying to get more information on? Do you have the need to meet people that share that same interests as you? Use Google+ Communities to find new friends and connect with professionals as well. It’s a great way to jump into a topic of conversation on a subject matter that you enjoy and want to be a part of.

The multiple feautures that are found on Google+ are beneificial to anyone looking to create connections in a functional way.

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