“From the Student Union in Argyros Forum where you can rent an iPad, grab a hot meal and socialize with friends to the Doti-Struppa Rock Wall in the residence halls where you can test your physical limits, students are free and welcome to immerse themselves in the whole Chapman student life experience,” states the Chapman website. Photo courtesy of @chapmanu.


Remember the Chapman University information meeting you went to when you got accepted? The one where they tell you all the amazing perks you have when you attend Chapman, like being able to surf and ski in the same day (eh, debatable), and being located less than 10 minutes away from Disneyland (also, debatable). 

What else does Chapman have to offer to its students? The answer to that: a lot. 

From financial aid and access on campus mental health facilities, Chapman has dozens of resources that are not broadcasted across campus as much as The Duffer Brothers are, but that are equally as important for the student body to know about. 

Student Conference Application

Each year, Chapman students pay an activities fee that is included in the cost of their tuition, but what exactly does that money go towards? 

Student Government Association (SGA) President Saba Amid shared that the $70 student activities fee “goes towards funding student conferences, [club] events, co-sponsorships with other on campus departments such as the University Program Board, and maintaining internal affairs.” 

While many of these events are posted up in Attallah Piazza for all of the student body to be part of, such as Chapman’s Food and Culture: An Italian Perspective annual event, there are other resources, such as funding student conferences, that many are unaware of. 

SGA offers a student conference application to everyone who attends Chapman. If there is a conference or educational event you would like to attend, you can request funding from SGA to help with flight fees, attendance fees, hotel stays, and so on. Of course, there are requirements and restrictions to this, which are outlined on the finance section of the Student Government Association webpage.

“There have been really cool educational opportunities I’ve missed out on because of how much they cost,” said senior political science major Lauryn Thomas. “I wish I would have known about this resource sooner, but I’m glad it’s one our school has.”

Since August, 100 students have taken advantage of this resource, said Amid. 

If there is a conference or educational event you would like to be a part of, fill out an application and see how SGA can assist you. 

Therapy Assistance Online

Chapman’s counseling center is a popularly used resources on campus. If you have ever tried to make an appointment, you know how hard it can be to get in. Working to make sure there are enough resources for all students, Chapman now has Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) available for those attending the university. TAO is a free, online self-help site that you sign up for through your Chapman email. 

Officially brought to campus in the Spring of 2019, over 200 students have signed up for TAO and utilized its resources for additional support when it comes to their mental health and well being.

Pictured above is a TAO information pamphlet. Photo courtesy of Samantha Martinez.

“We know how busy college students are,” said Chapman’s Outreach Coordinator for Wellness Promotion, Samantha Martinez. “The great thing about TAO is that students can go through the modules on their own time and in a place that they feel comfortable in.”

TAO offers nine different pathways to follow with topics focused on general well being, evaluating alcohol and drug use, and calming stress and worries. Within those pathways there are various modules and videos with education, advice, and other important information to help you. There are also journaling sections to allow students time to self-reflect and look back on their progress over time. Head to TAO’s website to sign up and choose your pathway.

On Campus STD and HIV Testing

The reality: We are all in college, and college students have sex. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), contraceptives, and other testing are something we should take seriously, and luckily, Chapman does. Many go to the Health Center when they catch a cold and want to grab some antibiotics, but Chapman’s Health Center also offers resources such as STD testing and birth control for those who may need it. 

“Having the option to access these resources on campus is convenient, more affordable than other testing centers, and shows that Chapman cares about its students’ health and well being,” said senior political science major Jake Bishop.  

The Health Center is free to all students. There are additional charges for lab work, medications, and other testing, but these costs are typically much more inexpensive in comparison to an off campus facility. 

For additional information on the testing provided or to make an appointment, head to the student health services webpage.

Student Hardship Assistance Fund

New to Chapman this past year is the Student Hardship Assistance Fund, started by the Dean of Students office and SGA, which is funding available for students who have experienced a temporary financial setback, such as medical expenses or car repairs, that is threatening their ability to pay their tuition, rent, or other daily necessities. 

“Going to college and being a full-time student is an extremely difficult job,” Amid said. “Many students are not as financially sound as others, so this program ensures that even if individuals are worried about resources short-term, they feel as though their campus is supporting them and the administration is there for them.”

The type of support offered differs from student to student. For example, students can ask for a temporary meal card, which grants them access to the Dining Hall and other food options on campus. 

If you feel as if you are a student who is in short-term funding assistance, you can schedule a meeting with the Dean of Students office to discuss your situation and see if you qualify.

The Morlan Food Pantry

The “starving student” cliche is not just a saying college kids throw around because they have spent all their money at The District Lounge. There really are students right here on our campus who are struggling to put food on their table each day, which is why the Morlan Hall Food Pantry, which provides students an additional food resource, is such an important resource on Chapman’s campus.

Flyers for the Morlan Hall Food Pantry can be found on campus. Photo by Sofia Caputo.

The annual list price to attend Chapman on a full time basis ranges anywhere from about $67,000 to $77,000 for all students depending on your residency, according to Chapman’s website. With a price tag this high, one would think that most Chapman attendees come from wealth, but according to Chapman tour guide Isabella Marcus, about 86% of students receive some form of financial aid. 

“Choosing between filling my car with gas so I can get to work or having enough money to buy groceries for the week is tough,” said S.T., a junior strategic and corporate communications major. “The Morlan Food Pantry has been a saving grace during those weeks where money is especially tight.” 

If the Morlan Food Pantry is a resource you could benefit from, fill out this form to receive access. 

Additional Resources

Resources such as additional mental health assistance and financial support work to ensure the well being of Chapman’s student body, but there are also a few hidden gems and perks that go unnoticed across campus, too. 

The transition of moving out of your childhood home and heading off to college is difficult for many students, but it is also tough on your parents. Make your mom’s day and let her know you are thinking of her with a handwritten letter. The Student Union desk offers free postage stamps to all students.

If your touching handwritten letter home is not enough of an incentive for your parents to send you a little extra spending money, you can volunteer to participate in Chapman’s Economic Science Institute (ESI) experiments right here on campus. Each week there are various experiments that test your knowledge, luck, and ability to think outside of the box, all in exchange for a cash payout as soon as you are done. ESI experiments are open to all students. Head to the ESI homepage for more information and to sign up to receive emails about upcoming experiments. 

You have worked all week and drank (a responsible amount of alcohol) all night, and now you need to relax a little bit. Did you know that Chapman’s Allred Aquatics Center is not just for the water polo team? There are open swim hours from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the weekends.  

The @chapmanu Instagram shared a photo about the open swim hours at the Aquatics Center but has not mentioned them since 2017. Photo courtesy of @chapmanu.

Although these resources may be useful to some students, sophomore anthropological and historical studies major Jaxson Thornton has other concerns.

“There are a lot of important issues that students express a need for that Chapman doesn’t address, like how big of an issue parking on campus is,” Thornton said. “We took action and ‘expanded’ the parking garage, and the parking issue got worse! When are we going to fix that?”

The other issue, for some students, is the lack of advertising for these resources. 

“I’m a senior at Chapman,” said psychology major Melanie Reilly, “and I think it’s strange that I didn’t know about any of these resources on campus. They’re all really cool, but I think we need to do a better job of advertising them so students can actually take advantage of them.”

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