Get your LinkedIn Profile noticed

by C. Alex Biersch 

1. Choose a great, close-up picture of you; either a headshot or something close to that. This ensures that the employer can see what you look like and your personality based on facial expression, body language, and what you are wearing.

2. Have previous employers or references write recommendations on your profile. These are seen by people who view your profile and can be valuable to seeing what type of person you are in the workplace as wells as a social setting.

3. Always use your name as the URL for your profile page. Doing this forces employers to see your name and will be able to recognize it in the future.

4. Use keywords that summarize you as a person, professionally and characteristically. Stay away from cliché words and use a thesaurus. Employers will be intrigues if they read something that they haven’t heard before. 

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