Fun facts


  • Disneyland only had 18 attractions when it opened. Fourteen of them are still running today.
  • There is a basketball court inside the Matterhorn for employees to play on during their breaks
  • When Pirates of the Caribbean first opened, real human skeletons were used as props. All that is left today is one human skull – the one on the headboard in the treasure room at the beginning of the ride

Knott’s Berry Farm

  • before 1968, Knott’s actually did not charge for admission. When they did start charging the price of admission was only 25 cents.
  • The infamous Knott’s Scary Farm attraction has been running since 1972
  • Knott’s actually started as a roadside stand along route 39 where the Knott’s family sold berries, preserves, and pies

Universal Studios

  • The park opened its first ride, The E.T. Adventure, in 1991. The ride is no longer at Universal Studios in Hollywood but can still be found in the Florida park.
  • Jim Carrey once dressed up as the mother in Psycho and loitered around the Bates house.
  • The entire Jurassic Park ride had to be built around an oak tree because they are illegal to cut down in California.
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