Five Unforgettable Uber experiences

By Gaby Strnad

“So this one time….”


“My buddy got down on one knee and sang ‘I Can Make Your Bed Rock’ to our Uber driver.”

– Karsten Thompson, sophomore at University of Colorado, Boulder

“I picked a girl up who said she was going to a house on Beach Boulevard. I know that area so I know it’s all bars and not residences, but I didn’t question it. She seemed fine when she got in the car, but by the time we got to Newport she was so intoxicated she could barely talk. Her words were so slurred I couldn’t understand her. As soon as she got out of the car, the guys on the street were on her. I couldn’t just let that happen, so I got her phone from her and tried to call some of her contacts but none answered. Eventually I found an address on her ID and took her there. It was the only time I’ve ever had to deal with something like that.”

–Brant, Uber Driver from Lakewook, CA

“My friend and I went to a concert and she ordered us an Uber there because the first time using the service is supposed to be free. I had also never used Uber before, so I said I would [pay for] the ride back. She was never charged anything, but I was charged $60, and we both did the exact same thing when we called for our ride. I was pissed and the company offered to refund me $20, but that was it.”

–Ashley Probst, junior at Chapman University

“I picked up some folk during New Year’s and [we all] stopped a couple minutes before midnight at a really nice venue to celebrate the New Year.”

–Ari Jogiel-Schlam, Uber Driver and 2012 Chapman Graduate

“I was going home for Thanksgiving break and I needed a ride to the airport…I called an Uber to pick me up from my house at around 5:30am. The drive was on time, very nice and conversational. We talked about how the Uber car was his wife’s car, and he asked about school and casual things. When I got out of the Uber at the airport, I said thanks and that I would give him a good rating. About 10 minutes later my mom called saying she just received a text from a random number saying, “Hey gorgeous, let’s hang out when you get back to California.” Somehow the Uber driver got the phone number attached to my account (which is my mom’s) and that’s why the text was sent to her. [Because of this] I hardly use Uber anymore, and definitely do not trust them after my experience.”

–Ryan Hurd, Junior at Chapman University


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