Fashion trends at Chapman



Lulu Lemon Pants

Michel Kors Bags

Louis Vuitton Bags

Tory Burch Sandals

Brandy Melville clothing

Sweatshirts and leggings

Military style (ex. combat boots)

Boho Chic style


Plain T-shirts



Button down shirts

Sperry shoes

khaki short

basketball shorts


Men & Women

Athletic Leisure wear

Various punk inspired styles

Or maybe the trends are something completely different…

1). Not thinking before we buy.

“I feel like the trend is to spend money on clothes and not even think about what hands were making that in a sweat shop. Are we just going to chill and do that?” said Luis Casavantes.

2). Wanting to fit in or being competitive in style.

“I think especially in areas of high fashion, like Chapman, a lot of people are focused on—

wow that person had that I need to get something to counter that or get on the same level –but after you pay for that, we need to think what’s the universal price?” said Moon Mandel.

Mandel refers to the Hedonic Cycle, where we buy something new, that’s covered in the glitter, and we love it. Three months later, it becomes stale. The trend of buying items to keep us happy.

  “These items will bring you joy.  Joy is a fun moment, but its fleeting,” Mandel said.

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