Experience gifts

For the person who has everything material, a good holiday gift idea is to get an “experience gift.” This kind of present can be given for one or more people to go out and do something together that can be fun, adventurous, relaxing, unique, or even life changing. Below is a list of the top selling “experience gifts” that have been collected from cloud9living.com, a Web site that’s mission is to “enhance people’s lives through memorable experiences.”

1. Ride Shotgun in a Stock Car

2. Dinner Cruises

3. Golf Packages

4. Drive a Stock Car

5. Indoor Skydiving

6. Walking Food Tour

7. Fighter Pilot for a Day

8. Hot Air Balloon Rides

9. Bike Tours

10. Glider Rides

If none of these experiences interest you, there’s also movie, concert, show tapings and sports tickets that you can purchase as “experience gifts” as well. Other more adventurous or unique “experience gifts” can include skydiving, shark tank swimming, private DJ lessons, private ninja lessons, couple’s massages, bungee jumping, cave spelunking, helicopter tours, race car driving, wine tasting, snowmobiling, and more.

Information for all of these ideas can be found at www.cloud9living.com.

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