Some Examples of amusing posts on Rate My Professors

By Maddy Saunders


The Good: “Clear, straightforward, and of course hot”


“He is the nicest guy. My favorite is when he laughs at his own jokes.”


“He is so cool. Just do the damn work.”


“I wish she was teaching in my major because I would like to take a class from her again”


“Chapman would not be complete without him”


“He is one of Chapman’s gems”


The Bad: “I still avoid this lady on campus… I took her last year”


“Run! Run far away!!! Save yourselves”


“I am afraid that his teaching could make anyone change their major”


“Avoid his course like the plague”


“Impossible to understand his computer voice”


“His class is dreadful and his teaching ability is kindergarten-esque at best”

“His lectures are hard to follow and he gets pissed for no reason. I feel like he has the mindset of a six year old.”

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