With Every Tea Flavor Comes a Different Benefit



by Negeen Amirieh


Drink it hot or cold, bagged or loose, with sugar, add honey, maybe some lemon; tea comes with benefits whichever way it is prepared.


Tea is the go-to drink for any occasion, whether it be at home watching a movie on a cold day and drinking a hot cup of Jasmine tea, or laying poolside soaking up the sun and drinking a glass of Passion-Fruit iced tea.


“Drinking tea is a school of thought," said Cheryl Turner, owner of Paris in a Cup of Tea Salon and Café. "People enjoying tea in the evening are not looking for a pick me up, so herbal tea is the best for those evenings. People who want a caffeine boost will reach for a strong black tea. It’s hard to say what’s the most important benefit when it comes to tea because at the end of the day, it is more healthy to reach for tea, whether its black or green, than a sugary drink.”  


Tea benefits any particular need, whether it’s tradition, gatherings, hydration, relaxation or just a boost of energy, it is the drinker’s choice.


For instance, green tea is excellent for overall health, white tea is hydrating, oolong tea helps relieve stomach pain, black tea is great for fresh breath, and there are many more teas that offer a lot of beneficial outcomes.


“Every tea has a different level of caffeine and antioxidants. It just depends what someone is looking for as far as benefits,” said Afsy Mahgerefteh, an employee at Teavana in Sherman Oaks, Calif. “A lot of customers look for a tea with a lot of caffeine so they can get off coffee. We show them our gyukuro imperial, silver yen zen pearls, golden monkey and matcha. All four teas have a great amount of caffeine and antioxidant levels which also help with weight loss. ”


Many people find it fun to mix teas and create their own delicious creations rather than purchase the simple drinks.


“Instead of the sugared soda or highly caffeinated coffee, people can go to tea for its natural flavor and benefits for health,” said Monique Dominguez, vitamin buyer and tea specialist at Whole Foods in Orange, Calif.


People of all ages turn to tea for a sense of stability in their busy lives of balancing school, work and everything else going on.


“Depending on the type of tea, each tea has a different function for the body,” said Dominguez.


Add tea to your everyday routine for whiter healthier teeth, better health, stronger bones, disease prevention, a younger look, and to increase metabolism with a calorie-free drink.


“They come in to buy tea because of the benefits and because it is a better alternative,” said Jasmine Ashoori, a tea barista at Teavana in Sherman Oaks, Calif.


Ashoori found that through her years of working at Teavana, her customers leave the store with tea and smiles.


“People think that if something tastes good there is a catch, but with tea there is no catch,” said Ashoori.

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