Easy Dorm Room Mason Jar Craft Project

by Georgina Bridger 

A great easy dorm room project is decorating mason jars. Mason jars can be found in many convenience stores. Right now they are very popular because they are not only cute but they can store anything small. In fact they can be utilized for many different things. In a dorm room you can use them to store stationary, as a soap dispenser, to hold cotton balls and other bathroom bits and pieces or even to hold flowers from a new love interest or your mom. Outside of your room they can be used a drink container, and can be refilled at water stations or even at juice stores.

You can get as fancy or plain as you like with mason jars. One easy way to decorate the jar is by painting the inside. This gives a cute pop of color but  keeps the glass looking clean on the outside. Another way is to spray glue the inside and then add glitter to make your mason jar have an extra sparkle. Of course if you are using your mason jar for food or drink products it is best to decorate the outside. You can add something simple and cute like a little burlap lid, or a twine wrap, or you can add block glitter and paint. That is the fun with mason jars you can make them personalized to you.

For more dorm room craft ideas visit: http://www.hercampus.com/school/unh/5-easy-diy-room-d-cor-ideas

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