Do Panther Bucks Need More Bang?

Story by Michael Lanoie

Currently Panther Bucks are used for food around campus. Some say the options are limited. Many people voice ideas of adding new dining options on campus. Apparently Sodexo plans to add a Starbucks to campus. Petitions went around last semester to add places such as Chipotle on Campus.

However the most reasonable idea seems to be to have Panther Bucks pay for more items. A lot of students said one of their biggest concerns with money is food and Panther Bucks helps with that. But there are several other expenses that Chapman students have to deal with.

Andrew Calloway, freshman political science major, wrote an article for The Panther that contained the same idea. Panther Bucks should be expanded.

Together with students a list was created. On this list are things that Panther Bucks should also be used for:

  • Laundry
  • Printing
  • Scantrons
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Renting Equipment
  • Bruxie’s
  • Textbooks
  • T-Shirts

Students want Panther Bucks to be eligible to be used at the Argyros Forum Shop or the Chapman Book Store. Panther Bucks should be money given to the student at the beginning of the year that they can use at Chapman period.

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