Circle of Life

by Lindsay McMillan

There are a few easy steps to making your own year-round, drought-tolerant wreath made of succulents:



·      Succulents (amongst many—Crassula, Gasteria, Sedum, Echeveria)

·      Scissors

·      12-inch wire wreath frame

·      Sphagnum moss

·      Moistened soil

·      Copper wire

·      Pencil or screwdriver

·      Floral pins

·      Fertilizer



·      Cut off piece of succulent 2 to 3 inches long.

·      Leave cuttings out for a few days in order for them to dry and create calluses on the bottoms. New roots will grow from the stem.

·      Place wire wreath on Sphagnum moss.

·      Place succulent roots into holes. Press the moss around roots and secure with floral pins. Don’t bunch them too tightly, as they need room to grow.

·      To water, submerge in water for about 10 minutes. Let completely dry out before watering again. Fertilize about once every 6 weeks.

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