Chapman’s Dating Tips

Story By: Katie Malin

Chapman students Krista Goldsmith and Brady Slater were walking around Downtown Disney. The hours flew by in a blur of conversation from classes to life experiences. The last tram to the parking lot left at 2 a.m. and they missed it. Halfway through their two mile walk a black van raced toward them.

"You have to get in the van right now," the man insisted. "It's not safe and we can't let you walk through the property like this."

It was their first date. Eight months after being picked up by Disney security they are still together.

"It was a scary situation, but Brady kept me laughing. ­ I wouldn't have been able to if I was by myself or with my girlfriends," said Goldsmith, a sophomore public relations and advertising major.

She knew with her gut that after that first date, she wanted to continue to see him.

"You can tell if you're going to be genuinely interested in a person within the first half of the date," Goldsmith said.

The average man or woman will go on six dates over a month period before becoming exclusive,according to the dating website eHarmony. Dating is more than getting to the end game, Panthers. You should be enjoying the journey. According to eHarmony, you should split your dates into active and static. So, go hiking with the person one week and follow up the next date with a dinner out. However, a popular option is to pick a place with multiple activities.

"I personally like the Irvine Spectrum because there's so much to do. If you want to eat, you can. If you want to go window shopping, there's that too," said Caitie Guttry, a senior theater performance major.

The Irvine Spectrum offers 24 full service restaurants for daters to go to. Additionally, they have a Ferris wheel and, in the winter, an ice­skating rink. However, great dining and activities are a breezy walk away from campus too. You can explore restaurants, antique shops and boutiques in the Old Towne Orange Circle.

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"At the beginning of our relationship we would go to Ruta's and then Growl," Goldsmith said. "We absolutely love Felix and always get the chicken embajador. It's amazing."

Now the two cook meals at home.

As if working up the courage to put yourself at rejection isn't enough, there is another hurdle that comes with dating: money. Although there are a million and then some ways to impress a person on the first date, college students typically have to budget their money to get the most bang for their buck. The typical dinner in Orange can cost around $12 per entree, not to mention drinks and a 15 percent or more tip (always tip on your date, you're supposed to be on your best behavior). So, what exactly are Chapman students doing to combat this?

"Girls have it a little easier than guys do, there's an expectation that you will pay for the date," said Cam Haslam, a freshman integrated educational studies major. "

However, times are changing and not all women think in the old fashioned way.

"I think the right thing to do is to split the bill on the first date," Guttry said. "Of course, if he insists just say thank you."

Then, there is the no ­pay way of dating.

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"If you're clever you can come up with a date that doesn't involve paying someone to entertain her (or him)," Haslam said. "Those are often the best ones."

Haslam suggests picking a hobby that you like and introduce it to the person that is interested.

"Let's say you like biking. Ask her if she wants to go biking with you. That's free, assuming she has a bike or can borrow one," Haslam said.

Eight months later Goldsmith and Slater go out less, preferring to stay ­in and cook, but their romance has intensified, Goldsmith said. Now that you have the know-­how, it's time to do the most important thing: ask.

"The worst thing they can do is say no." Goldsmith said. "You won't know unless you take that leap of faith."


Free Dates For Chapman Cheapskates

1. Stargazing

You know what's even better to do in the Attallah Piazza than sunbathe? Stargaze. Bring a couple of blankets, some drinks and download some thematic music (movie soundtracks are a hit) as you look for your favorite constellations. Don't know any? There's the SkyView app for that. Yes, it's free.

2. Film Screenings at Dodge College

Love movies? Dodge College offers free screenings every week of classics and movies that haven't been released in theaters. While most of the screenings are free and allow walk-ins, make sure to sign up for movies that are anticipated to have overflow.

3. Poetry readings

Tap into the creative and romantic mood by attending a Tabula Poetica poetry reading once each month (always on Thursday) at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

4. Go clubbing

Do you have a hobby? Chapman has a club for it. Meet up with the appropriate club and see what activities they offer. Most of them are free to join and have activities that are subsidized through Chapman.

5. Geocaching

Who doesn't love to explore? Chapman University has its own treasure map of things to discover. Go to to see what adventures lay in store for you.


Dating Etiquette

1. Open the door for your date, and anyone else

In Southern California this rule falls by the wayside as people are busy rushing from one class or appointment to the next. Show your date that you're a considerate person by making sure a heavy door doesn't swing back into someone's face.

2. Push in her chair

Your date might not expect this but even if this is the first or thousandth time they've been treated this way it feels special every time.

3. Arrive on time

It takes time to dress to impress but even if your makeup is on point your date won't feel valued if you are 15 minutes late. Show that you respect their time, after all, you're interested in that person because they're a go-getter just like you are.

4. Don't play games

Should you wait 24 hours after receiving the text to respond to not seem "desperate"? No, absolutely not. If you're busy, you can wait to respond but if you're waiting just to increase interest then you should reconsider if you like this person or if you're a person to be liked.

5. Thank them

You should thank your date for organizing the date or inviting you out, especially if you enjoyed yourself. Gratitude goes a long way and certainly to the next date.


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