Chapman students’ wintertime favorites

Kelsey Chapman (Sophomore):

“When I go home [Portland, Ore.], my favorite thing is the feeling when you get to drink hot chocolate after playing in the snow or skiing.”

Jon Spenuzza (Junior)

“My favorite thing about winter is the snowboarding season, Christmas, good surf and the somewhat cold weather.”

Morgan Pace (Freshman):

“When it starts to get colder you know winter is coming, and that just brings out a different spirit in everyone when it is the holidays.”

Krissy Shanahan (Junior):

“My favorite things about the winter season are hot chocolates and candy canes-preferably together.”

James Leslie (Sophomore):

“My favorite part of the winter season goes with my home back on the East Coast. I love when it gets really cold and then a snowflake begins to fall and you watch it and then more and more start to fall. It’s the most beautiful sight.”

Mijung Kim (Junior):

“[I enjoy] relaxing with friends and family, drinking something warm and watching movies [during the wintertime].”

Sean Foyil (Junior):

“I love winter because there’s nothing like being all bundled up inside by a fire when it’s snowing outside. Plus, who doesn’t love getting to wear sweaters and sweatshirts?”

Valen Ahlo (Chapman alumnus):

“Hawaii’s winter season has the same perfect warm weather as any other time of the year. Winter season brings in bigger surf swells, [which means] you can still go in the water in your surf shorts or bikinis because the water is still warm.”

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