Bucket Lists: Chapman Edition

by Nicole Winkler

As sophomore Chesa Giglio, psychology major, scrolls through her pictures from freshman year, she crosses fountain hopping off of her Chapman bucket list. Giglio is not the only student who keeps a list of things she wants to do before she graduates. Other Chapman bucket list items include: attending sports games, taking classes and listening to speakers in our Holocaust studies program, and participating in UPB events.

“My Chapman bucket list includes so many things! I want to take advantage of it all,” said freshman Devyn DellaValle, strategic and corporate communication major.

Most people think of a bucket list as the last hurrah before “kicking the bucket.” However, students, like Giglio and DellaValle, have found that creating these lists are a fun past time and incentive to get more involved on campus.

Because Chapman is known for its numerous fountains, fountain hopping is a popular activity, especially as a freshman.

“I feel like fountain hopping is such a freshman thing to do… but all Chapman students have to dip their toes in a fountain before they graduate,” said Giglio.

Freshman Emily Russell, kinesiology major, can’t believe she hasn’t stepped in a fountain yet. The first priority on her bucket list, however, is cheering on Chapman at a game of every sports team.

“It would be so cool to go to a game of every sport,” said Russell. “It would be fun to show my support and raise some Chapman spirit."

Senior Angela Monetathchi, psychology major, has a similar goal to Russell’s, and she hopes to attend Chapman football and baseball games. “I’m sad to say that I haven’t done that yet in these super quick four years,” Monetathchi said.

Monetathchi, who is graduating this fall, also wants to see Holocaust survivor Eli Wiesel speak before leaving Chapman. “I would be thrilled to see Eli Wiesel speak. I think it would be wonderful,” Monetathchi said.

According to DellaValle, because Chapman has such a large focus on its Holocaust studies programs, students should take advantage of the unique classes and speakers on campus. “I want to take at least one class that studies the Holocaust,” DellaValle said.

Some people have never even been to the fourth floor of the Leatherby Libraries and explored the Holocaust Memorial Library. Sophomore Rebecca Neu, IES and psychology major, looks forward to visiting the memorial.

“I’ve never been and it’s a unique part of Chapman that should be seen,” Neu said. “Not many people take advantage of this resource even though it’s so accessible."

Not all bucket lists are as somber. Students also hope to explore SoCal and take part in fun, on-campus events hosted by the University Program Board. Neu, also an active member of UPB, encourages students to engage in the events UPB offers, like the Spring Concert and Holi Festival of Color.

“I really want to attend more of UPB’s events. The events are always geared towards students and provide a nice time to be with friends,” said sophomore history major Taylor Dwyer.

Bucket lists were first introduced as a way for people to write down all of the adventures they wanted to embark on before they die. These lists became even more popular once the film “The Bucket List” came out featuring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Students have taken this idea and ran with it to create fun lists of things to do before high school and college graduation.

“No matter what’s on your personal list of things to do in college before you graduate," said recent college graduate Katie Barrett. "Try and explore all that is offered because four years goes extremely fast."

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