Brain Food

By Natalie Haber


It is very easy during finals week to forget to eat healthy food.  With places like McDonalds, In and Out, and many other fast food restaurants nearby, it’s not hard to forget what kind of foods really give your brain the energy it needs.  Here are five foods that are great to help with studying.


1) Oily fish, such as the fish made for fish tacos has lots of essential fatty acids.  It is known to help in healthy brain functions,  as well as joint wellbeing.

2) Blueberries are a great snack.  Studies done by Tufts University have shown that blueberries may be effective in delaying or improving short-term memory loss.

3) Pumpkin seeds, even just a handful every other day have amazing amounts of zinc, and can help boost memory.

4) Broccoli, which can be prepared either raw or cooked, is a great source of Vitamin K.  This vitamin is known to help with brainpower and function.

5) Jerky, either beef or turkey, has lots of protein in it.  Even just a couple pieces will really help with energy.  

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