Black Tea

by Negeen Amirieh

Black Tea


In addition to everyone’s routine of brushing his or her teeth every night, drinking a cup of black tea can help reduce plaque formation and bacteria growth, which causes cavities. Not only that, but black tea is good for the heart.


Studies show that 21 percent of people who consumed about three cups of black tea daily had a lower risk of tea than people who consumed one cup of tea a day.


Paris in a Cup


Just like most teas, black tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which benefit towards a healthier lifestyle. One cancer prevention technique is to drink black tea; it’s as simple as that.


There are many calming and relaxing benefits of black tea. Lay on a couch with those soft, cozy blankets and drink a cup of hot black tea for peacefulness.


Although black tea is calming, it can also be energizing when potent because it can enhance blood flow to the brain without overstimulation to the heart. Benefits of black tea are still present when steeped dark or light.


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