About the director: Tamiko Washington

Tamiko Washington has worked at Chapman for eleven years. She received her master’s in fine arts from the University of California in Irvine. In spring 2008, she directed the Department of Theatre’s production of “School for Scandal,” a 1920’s comedy of manners.

She teaches the required first year course titled “Voice and Movement,” which includes learning techniques by actors Alexander, Linklater, and Strasberg, according to the course catalog. She teaches sound resignation, breathing techniques, stretching, and how to align the spine better, said freshman student Kellie Spill. Washington encourages her students to practice every day, according to Spill.

Washington also teaches Tai-Chi for Theatre I and II, Building a Character, Voice Productions and Technique.

Washington’s student, Jacob Trillo, values his classes with the theatre professor.

“[Professor Washington] is very well informed, imparts a lot of knowledge, is very patient and enjoyable to work with,” he said.

Washington is most looking forward to working with the students in the production of “Trojan Women.”

“I really love working with the students. They are so fabulous,” said Washington.

Camille Collard hopes to have the experience of working with her as a director.

“I have great respect for her! She has helped me in so many ways, pushed me to places I never saw myself reaching, and always laughed with me,” said student Camille Collard.

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