A timeline of money

By Morgan Yuvienco

This timeline specifically emphasizes some of the most important events in Chapman University’s financial growth. From its time as California Christian College to now, the university has survived off many generous gifts and endowments to create its Orange campus.

California Christian College (est. 1918)

1912 — In August a committee is created to plan the new college; Charles C. Chapman is named chair and donates the first $50,000 towards the future school.

1918 — California Christian College is incorporated on February 19.

1919 — At the Southern California Convention, Charles C. Chapman makes a challenge pledge of $200,000 towards the new college on the condition that the members of the Church match it; within a few weeks he raises his pledge to $400,000. 

1929 — Cal-Christian reaches a student enrollment of more than 400 students and its endowment fund exceeds $350,000. 

Chapman College (est. 1934)

1963 — The old North Vermont campus in Los Angeles is sold and the buildings are demolished. The net earnings from the sale, approximately $600,000, are the beginnings of Chapman College’s endowment fund.

1968 — Annual giving to the college tops $1 million. 

1973 — The President’s Circle is founded to help President Kleckner bring in major donors.

1992 — Argyros Forum, named for George L. Argyros '59, opens. 

Chapman University (est. 1992)

1999 — The Millennium Campaign – a fundraising event for facilities, programs, and endowments — begins with $200 million.

2002 — The Millennium Campaign concludes and raises more than $215 million.

2004 — The 50 years in Orange celebration brings four new buildings: The Leatherby Libraries, the Merle and Marjorie Fish Interfaith Center, the Jerrold and Jacqueline Glass Residence Hall, and the Ken and Toni Oliphant Hall.

2004 – A generous gift from Lawrence and Kristina Dodge establishes the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

2007 — The Fahmy Attallah, Ph.D. Piazza is dedicated.


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