A Great Reason to Like Tuesdays

Story By: Cianna Allen

It’s a Tuesday morning. You already struggled through your Monday. What’s going to get you through your Tuesday? The reward of tacos.

“Taco Tuesday. It’s the best thing to look forward to. Nothing else is exciting about a Tuesday other than cheap tacos,” said AJ Wheatley, a senior business major.

Taco Tuesday has become so popular among Chapman University students that almost everyone you talk to has a favorite spot to gorge on inexpensive, delicious tacos. After we talked to a high volume of Chapman students, here are some of the most popular restaurants near Chapman with Taco Tuesday deals.

Tacos Sinaloa – 331 N Tustin St., Orange, CA

Tacos Sinaloa looks like nothing special from the outside. Being one of scors of restaurants located on Tustin Street, it could be easily missed. But according to many Chapman students, this is not a place you want to pass up.

Pork Tacos at Taco Sinaloa
Pork Tacos at Taco Sinaloa

“Their tacos are unreal. They’re only $1.25 each on Tuesdays and they’re actually really good,” said senior Chapman student, Rebecca Black.And some students say that they have the best selection of salsas. “Their green salsa may be the best salsa I’ve ever had,” said Rachel Cooklin, a junior health sciences major. 

With a wide variety of taco options including chicken, beef, carnitas, and al pastor, Tacos Sinaloa seems to be a crowd favorite.

Taqueria Mexico – 108 W Katella Ave, Orange, CA

Similar to Tacos Sinaloa, Taqueria Mexico may not look like the best place to eat from the outside. But don’t be fooled by its appearance.

“It is by far the sketchiest place I have ever eaten at, but it’s so worth it—especially since it’s connected to a donut shop,” said sophomore Lauren Averill.

With $1 tacos, 24-hour service, and a donut shop right next to it, it’s many college students go-to taco joint, especially after a late night out.

Cali Tacos – 1639 W Chapman Ave, Orange, CA

Cali Tacos, nestled in the corner of a strip mall, seems to be a hidden gem.

“Cali Tacos has great tacos, burritos, and Cali fries. There’s always a long line, but it’s my favorite place because they give you generous portions, it’s fresh, and everything is full of flavor,” said junior Maisy Lam.

Besides their great tacos, Cali Tacos is also well known for its burritos. The Angel burrito is about 8 dollars and is the size of your forearm. Filled with shrimp, fries, rice, cheese, chipotle sauce, guacamole, sour cream, and your choice of meat, this burrito is huge! So if you’re looking for something other than tacos on your Tuesday, check out Cali Tacos for their burritos and Cali fries!

Los Cabos – 843 N Tustin St, Orange, CA

Known by many college students as “Mexican Restaurant” since that is the only sign that can be seen from the main street, Los Cabos is another crowd pleaser for Taco Tuesday and any other day of the week. Los Cabos offers a Taco Tuesday deal of 3 tacos for 4 dollars with the purchase of a drink.

Unlike most of the other Taco Tuesday spots, Los Cabos’ tacos are served in a hard shell. So if your preference is crunchy tacos over soft tacos, this is the spot for you!

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