5 Tips on How to Dress for School

by Chloe Bubion

Finding the perfect combination between stylish, comfortable, and practical class-wear can be difficult.

The best way to dress for a college class is a balance between professionalism and nonchalance. Comfort is key, since most students spend long hours on campus.

Here are 5 tips to help you figure our the best way to dress for class:

  1. Shoes

Aim to wear cute sneakers, causal flats, or sandals. These are not only stylish but comfortable as well. Look for tennis shoes that give you good support, flats that do not rub your heels, and sandals that have stylish details but practical design. You don’t want your feet to be in pain by the end of long day running in between classes.

  1. Bags

A backpack or oversized should bag is a stylish way to carry your laptop and schoolbooks. When choosing a bag however, it is important to take into account what carrier will provide the best support to reduce strain on your back during a long school day. Try bags with thicker straps to evenly distribute weight. Bags with several pockets are ideal for storing your supplies and gadgets. Men can try a messenger bag to carry their belongings to and from classrooms. This casual take on a brief case conveys professionalism but is practical as well.

  1. Fabric

Fabric is an important factor when assembling an outfit to wear to class. Comfortable fabrics such as jersey or cotton are great because they breathe well and do feel heavy. Opt out of wearing fitted denim to class. Instead, a flexible legging, cotton skirt, or dress is best to wear when you are stuck at a desk for several hours.

  1. Jacket

A lightweight jacket is important to bring with you to classes, as temperatures vary in classrooms. A jacket style with pockets will allow you to easily carry your phone, ID card, or any other small items you may have. Try a more tailored, blazer-like jacket. You will look more professional and be able to stay warm.

  1. Accessory

Simple accessories such as a small necklace or scarf can add a stylish element to any outfit. Try golf or silver necklaces with dainty charms to layer, or one statement piece. A scarf allows you to add a pop of color or fun pattern to your outfit. When you are studying, use your scarf as a headband to tie your hair back, or if it is not chilly enough for a jacket, use your scarf as a light wrap to keep you warm in class. For men, a simple watch will not only add a style element to your look, but keep you on time for classes.

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