4 packing tips and considerations for Music Festivals

by Chloe Bubion

Nothing will ruin your weekend at a music festival more than not being prepared. Here are some tips to ensure you are ready.

  1. Be prepared for any type of weather

Check the weather forecast the week before the event. While most festivals occur in the summertime, unexpected rain is a possibility. To be safe, pack leggings, a light jacket, and durable shoes. If it doesn’t end up raining during the weekend, these items are still nice to have at nighttime shows when temperatures decrease.

Also, sunscreen is a must. Oftentimes, festivalgoers are so wrapped up in the music that they don’t realize they are getting sunburnt. To prevent this from happening, prepare ahead of time. Apply a minimum of two layers of sunscreen onto your whole body before you leave for the venue. A small stick of sunscreen is a easy way to reapply during the festival. It’s small, convenient, and fits in your pocket!

  1. Have a Hygiene plan

Outdoor festivals are just that – outdoors.  While most opt to stay in hotels, some festivalgoers like to get the full experience and go camping. Because you are spending all day and night outdoors, it is important not to ignore your personal hygiene.

Bring cash for showers

A lot of campsites at festivals provide locker room-style showers you can use for $5-$10.  Be sure to bring plastic pair of sandals to wear, for these are public showers and are most likely not the cleanest places.

Biodegradable shampoo

If there is access to fresh water such as a stream, lake, or fountain, having biodegradable shampoo handy will allow you to quickly freshen up.  Sure, it is not ideal, but a quick rinse is better than nothing!


    Ladies, less is more when it comes to makeup for these festivals. You do not want to be wearing heavy makeup all day long when you are outside and most likely sweating. Quick and easy methods, such as moisturizer, waterproof mascara, Chapstick, and highlighting powder will not only give your face a fresh look, but also not melt off in the heat.

    Men, it is important to keep your face moisturized.   A face lotion that is high in SPF will hydrate and protect your skin. Reapply throughout the day.  

  1. Pack Smart

Be sure to bring only what you truly need. Pre-plan outfits for each day, and pack one back-up outfit.

When packing, think about comfort first. Choose breathable options that won’t trap in heat. Double check that your shoes won’t give you blisters, your shorts don’t chafe your legs, and the tops your wear don’t require constant adjustment.

If you are camping, theft is common. A durable yet compact suitcase with a lock is an easy way to protect your belongings.  However, do not bring any items that you wouldn’t want to get stolen or ruined just to be safe.

Carry any valuable with you at all times. A bag or small backpack is a perfect way to bring important items such as money, your ID, and even bottles of water.

  1. Safety First!

Any event that draws thousands of people will attract some safety concerns, but you’re at an even higher risk considering that many of these shows are overnight events.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times and travel in groups of at least two.

  • Concert festivals are a great place to meet people, but don’t go back to another person’s campsite without one of your friends. Be careful about wandering too far away from main areas, and schedule specific meeting times for your group in case your cell phone dies.

  • Don’t carry too much cash with you, and be sure not to flash it around at vendors.

  • Don’t accept food or drinks from people you don’t know

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