3 Important Things to Consider when Buying Clothes as a Dude

by Sean Thielen

  1. Fit – how the clothes fit on your body is everything, and don’t be afraid to slim down. You can spend thousands of dollars on a suit and if it doesn’t fit your body, it’s not going to look good. Likewise, you can get away with spending less money if the clothes fit your body. (image: http://www.seducingwithstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/bad-fit-mens-jacket.jpg)

  2. Quality – It’s something often overlooked. However, many men would rather pay a bit more for something that is going to last longer and look better, than something that is going to fall apart after being run through the wash a few times. Consider spending more money on a few nice items that will last years, rather than the same amount of money on a ton of pieces that are going to last only a few months.

  3. Style – Buy things because you like them. Not because your parents or your girlfriend like them. Of course, if everyone hates it then maybe you should reevaluate your style, but if, like many men, you’re dressing up to feel comfortable and confident, then there’s no point in buying clothes that go against that.

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