26 Thoughts you have at the Chapman gym

Story by Gaby Strnad

1. I am seriously so pumped to go to the gym. I can already feel the inner health-freak in me rejoicing.

2. Thank you, fellow Chapman student behind the front desk, I will have a great workout!

3. Is it really necessary to have a towel? I never bring a towel.

4. Oh wow, I thought it would be less crowded right now. How is it so packed? Don’t people have lives?

5. I really wish there was more than six inches of space between me and the treadmill next to me.

6. But seriously has anyone ever noticed how close these things are?

7. How do I feel about putting the incline up to 11.0 and walking at a semi decent pace?

8. Nah, I think I’ll run. Okay here we go, music playing, feeling great.

9. Since when is it not okay for men to use the elliptical? Running freaking hurts.  

10. I am fairly certain the person next to me keeps checking my screen to see my pace. Okay, I’ll play this game. Increases speed.

11. No. Nope. No I won’t play this game.

12. Back to a comfortable pace, there we go. Thirty minutes of this. So easy. You win treadmill three.

13. Its’ been 25 whole minutes, let’s call that a success!

14. Might as well lift some weights while I’m here.

15. Pretty sure I’ve seen that guy back here every time I come. Think he might live in the squat rack.

16. All the grunting going on back here is freaking me out. So primal.

17. Do they know how loud their noises are?

18. I have no idea how to use this TRX thing. Why are there so many straps? Time to be done back here.

19. Hooray, time for core and stretching!

20. It’s a good thing I didn’t want any personal space to tone my abs. And stretch. Mostly look at my phone.  

21. Oh my god my face is so red. These mirrors are giant.

22. Scratch the abs, time to go.

23. Oh, they’re out of little wipe things again. Too bad my hand is soaking in the cleaner from sticking it in so far. Should I just rub this on the mat?

24. How are there still a million people in here?

25. I should do this more often, I actually feel pretty good! I’ll come tomorrow.

26. But also Netflix and donuts. Maybe I won’t.

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