24 Hour Tips and Tricks

By Morgan Yuvienco

  • Wear comfortable, layered clothes. It can be hot during the day, but very cold at night. Don’t forget comfortable shoes.
  • Stock up on energy drinks, energy drink powders, and coffee stops if you think you need caffeine to keep you going!
  • Sleep well the night before! Or if you’re coming later in the night, take a nap during the day to energize you. If you’re still exhausted at the parks, I’ve spotted people sleeping at Disney California Adventure’s Animation Academy.
  • Keep up with Disneyland on social media. Sometimes, the social media team interacts with guests through Twitter – whoever-finds-us-first-gets-a-prize type contests. You get cool, unique gear or even opportunities. One time, I won an extra hour in Fantasyland after the park closed just because I kept an eye on their Twitter feed! It just gives you an upper-hand for a lot of things so I highly recommend this.
  • Bring lots of snacks. Food at Disneyland is expensive, but you definitely need that fuel to keep you going. But never skip out on the best: chimichangas, churros, cake pops, Dole Whip. Mmm.
  • Don’t miss out on the special edition stuff and events! They are going to have awesome Diamond cupcakes and you will be one of the first people to see the new nighttime shows. There is a lot going on for the Diamond Celebration that has never been done before and it’ll be great to experience.
  • Download MouseWait. It gives you wait times of all the rides, and is powered by guests at the park. It’s really helpful when you’re trying to make an attractions game plan.
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