What to eat with your coffee

It’s always a nice idea to have a fancy meal with your morning specialty coffee. So here are some things I enjoy.


  1. I love to have avocado toast with my morning flat white. A flat white has a large milk concentration therefore the avocado toast with a little lime will allow you to satisfy all your taste buds.
  2. Black coffee always goes well with cinnamon toast. For someone who is new to black coffee, a sweet tasting appetizer is always a good way to balance the tastes in your mouth.
  3. Cold brew seems to be the option of choice when I need the caffeine to go. I tend to usually have egg whites. It’s a good balanced meal and it starts the day off well.
  4. A bagel with cream cheese is another way to start the perfect morning.

For other options please visit: http://www.delish.com/cooking/g303/coffee-food-recipes/

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