Unique Sports in Orange County

Story by Abby Smith

If you are interested in trying out a new sport it is important to go to a reputable company to make sure to be safe while having fun experiencing new activities.

Here are a few locations close to Chapman University where you can give some new sports a try.

1. Soboba Paragliding Huntington Beach, CA
What it is: Located just up the 22 Highway from Chapman Soboba

Paragliding offers 320+ days a year of paragliding opportunities. Soboba offers training to become a paragliding pilot and you have the opportunity to fly solo on your first day of lessons.

Though expensive, the investment is well worth it should you be interested in becoming a paraglide pilot to experience flying over the beautiful Southern California landscapes.   

What is the sport? Paragliding is both recreational as well as competitive. The competition consists of races on set courses in which the pilots navigate.

There is the Paragliding World Cup in which paragliding pilots compete against people from all over the world.


2. OC Roller Derby  Santa Ana, CA

What it is: OC Roller Derby, located in Santa Ana, offers Orange County women the opportunity to take part in the sport of Roller Derby.

They offer different teams and lessons based off your skill level and are very welcoming to beginners who are just interested in learning about skating as a fitness activity.  

OC Roller Derby offers tickets to see roller derby competitions so you can check out the sport before giving it a try.

What is the sport? Roller Derby is an intense sport with a lot of contact involved. There are two teams consisting of five members. Team members score points by lapping the other competitors.  

Roller Derby started in 1930 and has continued to grow in popularity throughout the years and is now an international sport. It is in consideration for the 2020 Olympics.


3. USBC Coaching Laguna Hills, CA

What it is: USBC Coaching offers competitive bowling training with Missy Parkin, a certified bowling coach.  

Missy offers private lessons as well as two person lessons. Because of her competitive background she is able to provide students with insight  into the competitive world of bowling.

What is the sport? There are many variations of bowling. The main goal is to knock down the pins at the end of the bowling lane. The number of pins varies depending on the variation of the game being played.  Bowling can be played by teams or one-on-one.

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