The Top Things to Do Before the End of the Semester

By Olivia Siegel


Here is a completely do-able bucket list for the end of your semester, whether you are graduating, going abroad or just want to get the best out of your fall 2014 semester:


1. Participate in Undie Run

2. Whether or not you’re in Greek life try to attend a formal – who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up?

3. Southern California is known for its Mexican food – indulge.

4. Go to the beach as much as you can

5. Midnight breakfast! Free food! Study break from finals!

6. Chapman might not be a D1 school, but we have some great sports teams, go support!

7. Luckily, Chapman is so close to LA. Try to go to at least two concerts, museums, or events downtown before the semester is over




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