Three Healthy Lifestyle Apps


By Danielle James


Use these apps to keep you on track not only on break, but throughout the year.

IMG_18961) My Fitness Pal- It’s a free app that allows you to track your calories and exercise. It acts as a food diary on your phone. Input your height, weight, and activity level to generate a ballpark number of calories that you should aim to consume each day. There is also a social media feature that allows you to get support from other users.


2) 7 Minutes- This app provides quick seven minute “exercise snacks” that you can do anywhere, so there is no longer an excuse to not exercise just because you cant make it to the gym. A Siri-like feature will guide you through a series of short exercises designed to maximize your workout time.


3) Cookpad- This app allows you to find tons of new recipes from users all over the world, as well as share your own recipes with other users. This is a fun new way to expand your cookbook and try new recipes from around the world.

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