Strategies to fight FOMO

By Olivia Siegel


It’s Saturday night. You switch back and forth between Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat as you lay in bed while all of your friends are out doing seemingly better things.


FOMO – the fear of missing out, a feeling that we can all relate too. While abroad, it’s normal to see pictures and hear of stories from back at Chapman that are going to pull the monster of FOMO out of you.




Remember that you are most definitely doing better things than all of your friends back in Orange. Although that’s not easy to remember – here are a few tips to fight the feeling.


1.     Get off of social media! Everyone looks like they’re having a better time on there then they actually are anyway, so don’t even waste your time looking at it.


2.     Remember where you are. You are (most likely) having a once in a lifetime experience, so embrace it and forget about what you’re missing back at home. Focus on what you’re doing that you would never be able to at Chapman.


3.     FOMO goes both ways! All of your friends and family are even more jealous of what you’re doing; don’t forget that everyone is wishing they were in your shoes.

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