Six Tips for Finding Off Campus Housing

  1. Secure roommates in advance. Make sure everyone is committed and won’t change plans last minute.
  2. Speak up for yourself. It is important to communicate to your roommates what you are looking for. For example, how much are you willing to pay for rent or what do you want your proximity to campus to be?
  3. Make a list of question for your realtor. Most students interviewed agreed that there are no stupid questions when it comes to housing.
  4. Keep your parents involved. They may be able to help and may have to sign the lease as well.
  5.  Use your connections. Ask around, especially seniors, if they are willing to pass down their house or apartment. Try your sorority, fraternity, sports team or clubs for ideas.
  6. Be proactive. Don’t wait to the last minute to begin searching for off campus housing. Also be willing to put in a lot of time for research and touring houses and apartments.
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