Six Post-Collegiate Alternatives for the Modern Day Graduate

Story by Gabby Strand

1. PeaceCorps: For many, the PeaceCorps is appealing post-grad because it allows for worldwide travel, as well as extended education opportunities. The Master’s International Program may be the sweet spot for someone who wishes to travel but also to further their education.

2. AmeriCorps: A program similar to the PeaceCorps, but here members serve only within the United States. AmeriCorps offers money to those who complete their service that can go towards an extended education if they so wish.

3.   TEFL: Short for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, graduates in this program receive a stipend to teach English in non-English speaking countries. Traveling and teaching for pay seems like a pretty good set up.

4. Free Lance Work: A freelancer is essentially a free agent. Graduates create and work with their own schedule, giving them plenty of flexibility. Freelance work allows them to choose an individualized client base, while still gaining experience in their field.

5. Paid Internship: While this may seem oh so “undergraduate,” landing a well-paid internship after graduation can help to narrow down interests and harness experience that can be used in the workforce.

6. Simply Travel: Pack some things, get on a plane, and explore. Graduates may find that traveling allows time for self-exploration, and gives experiences that will add to their resume in ways that traditional learning cannot.

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