Resume Tips

Story by Jackie Cohen

When applying to summer jobs, internships, or volunteering opportunities, you will need a resume. Here are some tips from the Career Development Center to create an effective resume.

  • Visit the Career Development Center to review your resume
  • Know that the average resume is only looked at for 5 seconds, so make it visually appealing and professional
  • Make sure that your reflect career— business=boring, graphic design=elaborate, colorful
  • Write your resume for reader and don’t include things that aren’t relevant to the reader
  • Don’t include work experience, just professional experience
  • Start with your education and then write your professional experience
  • Be specific in the bullet points that describe your professional experience
  • In the last section of your resume, include your leadership experience and skills. (note that skills are technical skills such as graphic design, computer, layout, and language abilities, not working well in groups)
  • Never include your GPA in your resume, unless you are applying to something relating to education
  • It is not necessary to include an objective statement
  • Non-seniors can include coursework that is relevant to what you are applying
  • Write your experiences chronologically
  • Don’t include anything you did 2 or 3 years ago
  • Don’t include what you did in high school unless you are a freshman
  • Use action verbs to describe your experiences, but don’t repeat these verbs
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