A passion for fashion

by Siya Rajan


Picking out what clothes to post online is just as fun as dressing up in real life.


Lauren Jeworski, a junior communications major, wanted a safe place in the internet to express her interest in fashion and started blogging hour years ago.


“Little boys when they are younger they might say that we want to be a firefighter. For me it was always fashion,” Jeworski said.


Channeling one’s passion, in an outlet such as a blog or any type of social media, has become more than just a hobby. Whether it is scoring tickets to different fashion weeks, or getting free clothes from designers, fashion bloggers have been taking over the internet.


Jeworski started her blog with a friend, but it has been handed over to her, and now she works on it herself. She has also interned for www.collegefashionistas.com, which gives the latest in campus style featuring students from different schools.


“Fashion is something, not from a materialistic standpoint, but something that inspires me and I can wake up every morning and look at my blog and be like this is something motivating for me to pursue a career,” Jeworski said.


Madeleine Wilson, a junior who recently transferred from Chapman to Washington State University, started her blog in September 2013 as an extra credit assignment. Wilson originally posted about professional development and industry news, but her blog turned into an outlet for her love for fashion, which has been taking her places.


“I began contacting small Etsy shops offering a post on my blog in exchange for an item or discount,” Wilson said. “This quickly increased my exposure as well, and soon, companies were contacting me. I've worked with companies such as Triangl, Charlotte Russe, A-List Greek, and more.”


Wilson says that blogging is not as easy as everyone thinks it is, and there are many rules and regulations that need to be followed.


“I think people just assume I get free clothes just for having a blog. When in reality, it is in exchange for 5-15 hours of work. It is in no way free,” Wilson said. “A blog can be a business, and in order to do that, there are endless rules you must follow to be sure you are conducting yourself in an ethical and professional manner.”


Wilson hopes that her blog would provide enough income to consider it a part time job. She loves to blog, and if she could, she would be doing it full-time.


Adrina Rose, a senior TV broadcast journalism major, has always loved fashion and writing. Ever since coming to Chapman, she has been able incorporate those two together.


“I am launching a new website and web show, “Fash Talk with AdrinaRose” and I think that it’s a happy medium between my TV, writing and fashion,” Rose said.


One of Rose’s biggest clients is Kendra Scott, a jewelry company that has a store in Beverly Hills. She covers all the events that the managers at Kendra Scott have, and they even give her jewelry to wear on the red carpet. They are also sponsoring her show with advertisements, and jewelry that she will wear on her show, that is launching in the next two months.


“With my new show launching, it is kind of my platform for the rest of my career,” Rose said. “After six months of its airing on my website, www.adrinarosetv.com it will be pitched to networks to be picked up, and if it proccess is successful, then I will be set.”


Rose has a bright future ahead of her and she isn’t letting her talent go to waste.


“We’re going to a new phase with fashion and online bloggers. If you have a passion for something, you can do it now. You don’t need to have a degree or anything,” Rose said. “Passion is what is going to drive your career.”

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