How do you plan to celebrate the year’s end?

Story and photo by Nicole Mormann

Black square caps thrown carelessly in the air mark the end of a milestone each year at Chapman University. Now what? What are your immediate post-spring semester plans, before the job search begins?

Here are some ideas that have a few from Chapman have arranged:

Senior public relations and advertising major Hannah Darbourne plans on celebrating the old-fashion way – with family, friends, and a trip to the bars afterward.

As far as plans go after that, Darbourne is feeling pretty anxious for life after graduation. “I don’t have a job secured after, but I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life.”

Sahzeah Babylon, who acts as a career counselor at Chapman’s Career Development Center, recalled how her graduation from Chapman University was a day for family and lots of food. “All of my family came from San Diego – grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins. There must have been 30 people. After graduation, we all went to P.J. Abbey’s and we all had a huge brunch,” said Babylon.

Career Relations Specialist Aaron Perez of Chapman’s Career Development Center also celebrated his graduation with family and now in-laws, but it wasn’t necessarily low-key, at least from what he can remember.

“My parents threw a party at my in-laws’ house, it wasn’t a rager…at least I don’t think it was…maybe it was?” said Perez of the fun occasion.

While family certainly plays an integral role in celebrating the end of the year and graduation, some students choose to celebrate without the fam-bam.

“I’m planning on going to Mexico with my roommate for a week or so to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the end of the school year,” said senior business major Morgan Geffner.

Similarly, freshman business major Jasmine Inostrosa will be making her way back up to the Bay where she’s from and away from the chaos of graduation. However, she’s not exactly planning on any big celebrations.

“I’m literally going straight back to work – no trips,” said Inostrosa. “Well maybe if I work hard, I can play hard too.”

And though a vast majority still don’t have their post-graduation plans in place, there’s no telling what could happen for those who are still deciding on what to do.

“I just want to party,” said sophomore undeclared major Mark Luburic. “If I’m able to have fun with friends and go ham, then that’s just fine and dandy to me.”

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