For the women who know sports


Why is it that being a woman means that you automatically know nothing about sports? Every time I watch a football game with a group of guys, it’s like I’m not even there. They think that I don’t know what’s going on.

When in reality, I probably know more than they do half the time.

I’ve been a huge sports fan my whole life. I grew up watching football and going to baseball games all the time. You can catch my every Sunday during football season on the couch, by myself, watching NFL games all day long.

But no one will still believe that I know more than the average guy who’s a football fan because I’m a woman.

There are a lot of gender stereotypes out there, but this one really gets to me. If I go to a baseball game, and start having a conversation with another fan, who happens to be a guy, he’ll get a surprised look on his face when I say a fact or something about baseball. Then I’m thinking to myself, “yes, I know about baseball.”

They look at me like I’ve just spoken another language or said the most shocking thing in the world.

This is why we need more women in the sports world. Whether it’s in broadcasting, radio or live entertainment, women have a voice in sports that needs to be heard.

That’s what I want to do for living one day, but I want to be taken seriously. A woman should be able to sit around with a group of guys and have a normal conversation about a football game without anything else. That’s it. Just a normal conversation about something we all have in common.

Bottom line here is, yes men, we know what we are talking about. And we understand everything you are saying about the game. We’re here too and honestly if I didn’t know anything about football or whatever game we are watching, I wouldn’t be sitting right here next to you.

Men never like to be proved wrong, but when it comes to women not knowing anything about sports, they could never be more wrong.

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