Get linked to get a job

by C. Alex Biersch

As college students, we find ourselves flocking to any new and upcoming social media sites on the daily. From Twitter to Instagram, it is almost too easy to keep up with our social circle. However recently, a new social media site has made a name for its reputable career opportunities. Now students are utilizing social media for reasons beyond seeing who was drunkest at the bar last night.

LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking site, enables users to have a platform similar to Facebook but with vastly different, more professional features.

Nicky Ortega, a senior communications major, has had LinkedIn since she started college, and believes it is a great professional? networking site.

“As soon as I started at Chapman, I got an account so I could add my various internships to my profile and basically build an online resume,” said Ortega. “This enables companies that could be hiring to see my qualifications and experience.”

With many college students going into the workforce after completing their undergraduate degree, LinkedIn provides students with an advantage over the rest of the job-seeking graduates.

Whether it is to aid you as a current student, or launch your professional career, LinkedIn has the tools you need in order to succeed in the work force.

Here is a list of features on LinkedIn that will improve any job-seeking college student to improve their image and become employed.

1.     LinkedIn Search

This feature is great for students who want to research and learn mow about companies that they are interested in. Not only can you seatch by type of company, but also those who are looking for interns or employees and what qualifications you need (ie: still in school or graduate).

Sarah Lufan, a senior business major, found her first internship using this feature.

“I was having trouble findng a internship that interested me and that provided school credit,” said Ortega. “The search tools helped me narrow my search and find the best fit for what I was looking for.”

2.      Company Pages

When looking through your searched results, you will find companies that have pages much like they would on Facebook. Here they post current information about their company as well as job postings.

3.      Endorsements

When filling out your own LinkedIn profile, one section allows you to put in specific qualities and programs that you have expertise in. This allows companies to see if you qualify for specific jobs and what knowledge you have of the industry you plan to be in. Once you make your list, connections you have made through LinkedIn can “endorse” your skills and rate them on how well you know them.

Aaron Browers, a senior strategic corporate communication major, always updates his skills in order to better of his chances of receiving job offers.

“Companies are always looking for individuals who know how to use specified programs that they have learned through internships,” said Bowers. “Here they can actually see what you know and how well you know it.”

4.     Rich Media Tool

With this tool, you are actually able to upload different ypes of media, whether that be a video, a powerpoint, etc. This feature is great for students that have done specialized presentations in a classroom environment or even at an internship. Businesses can then see these presentations and see how organized and precise you are.

5.     Viewed

This feature allows the account holder to see who has personally viewed your profile. Many companies that you may not know will view your profile. That enables you to go to their page and see what type of company they are and if you have interest in pursuing a career with them.

Michelle Golden, a senior English major, always checks this feature to see how active people are at viewing her profile.

“Seeing who views my own profile is a great feature because then I know if they have any interest in me or if I didn’t meet the qualifications,” said Golden.

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