Finding the Right Internship For You

Story by Caitlin Manocchio

Below is a list of helpful resources for students to check out when searching for an internship.

Chapman’s own Austin Carroll writes weekly insider tips and tricks within the entertainment industry. On her blog she also shares her own personal experiences including interning at ABC/Disney, Discovery Communications, and Lionsgate.

Entertainment Careers is home to hundreds of internship opportunities all over the U.S. Narrow down the results the way you want with their awesome advanced search engine. There’s an internship in store for everyone here.

Creating a LinkedIn profile can be very beneficial for future internship success. On LinkedIn you can add connections you may know from Chapman, your hometown, or high school and see what job and internship opportunities are in your are.

Want to know in advance before committing to an internship how a company rate according to its employees? Check out Glassdoor for the answers and see what internship openings there may be at the hottest and highest ranked companies.

Panther Connect is Chapman’s own internship and entry job level portal. Why spend hours searching through hundreds of pages of Google with this incredible resource under your nose.

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