Feminism with Hillary Clinton

Junior public relations major Katie Nishida

“Even thought Hillary Clinton is a woman, I just don’t believe she represents the feminist ideals as much as Bernie Sanders does. She seems dishonest to me and she lacks transparency in her campaign. There have been so many reports where she was anti abortion, and there were pictures of her hanging out with Donald trump recently. I have seen many young feminists support Clinton and Bernie, but I strongly believe that you are not a feminist if you support Donald Trump.”

Freshman creative writing major Audrey Woodsum

“I think when Hillary first started running, people assumed feminists were going to vote for her, because they wanted a female president. However, I do not like Hillary Clinton and I am a feminist.

She’s gone back and forth on her views, and I don’t appreciate that. She’s been bought out by super delegates, and it’s like her voice has just been taken over. You want so badly for there to be a female president, but since she has been bought out by these powerful white males, you’re not even voting for a female president, you’re voting for this group of men running the country.”

Senior creative writing major Luis Casavantes

“She would take profit off of feminism, and she’s already banking on her womanhood to get a woman’s vote. She capitalizes on feminism, because it’s in popular mainstream media, and I feel like she is backed by so many corporations who do not have feminist interests.”

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