Don’t Write off Unpaid Internships Just Yet

Story by Caitlin Manocchio

While getting paid for interning in the entertainment field is ideal, I found my unpaid internship this past summer incredibly rewarding.  In June 2014 I began interning at the Writers Guild Foundation Library, within the Writers Guild of America, and I found myself in a wonderful environment surrounded by aspiring writing professionals like myself. The staff of the library was very accommodating and I’ll never forget my lunch breaks bouncing off TV pilot ideas with the Writers Guild crew. Helping library patrons find the right screenplay or teleplay for to read according to their interests was always entertaining. I think I cam across the most interesting people in Los Angeles. Being in a library full of thousands of screenplays and getting to read and bind them was a dream come true. My absolute favorite part of my time at the Writers Guild was getting to create a “4th of July” and “Back to School” display with my fellow intern. Spending hours picking out the best scenes from films to highlight the themes was a great way for me to come a step closer to mastering the art of screenwriting. If you’re lucky enough to have the financial sources to pay for a summer internship for credit, I highly recommend the Writers Guild Foundation Library. 

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