Crazy Stories from Chapman Seniors and Graduates Will Tell Their Kids Someday

By Nicole Mormann

“I will tell them about all the cool things Chapman had for us to do, like when they brought snow to campus! I will also tell them about going to Disneyland 8 days in a row one time.  I did not have too many crazy experiences…” – senior IES major Alyson Avakian

“Got kicked out of the bathroom in AF for bringing a boy in with me one night.” – graduate anthropology major Alyson Vallario

“I walked home from a house party one winter night. I was alone on my stroll and played with the idea of hitchhiking to get home faster and maybe make a friend. One pulled over to offer a ride. He was a friendly guy, but then he started offering things that were way too friendly. I appreciated his driving services but denied anything additional. He dropped me off near my house but I grabbed some In N Out before heading home.” – senior creative writing major Riley Keating

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