Recommended Meals

Story by Maddie Russo

I know, going to a new place can be overwhelming! You don’t know what’s good, and you would hate to spend your hard earned money on something you don’t like! Here are some of my favorite meals at these three places!

Dog Haus:

Burger:  “The Holy Aioli”- This is one for the books! This will be the most flavorful burger you might ever have!

Side dish: Tater tots, DUH!

The US Taco Company:

Tacos: “The Southern Squealer” and “Brotherly Love” You can’t go wrong with the classic carne asada and the delicious flavors of the Southern Squealer!

Dessert: This one is up to you! All three of their milkshakes are to die for! I am a chocolate lover, so the Coco Loco was by far my favorite! Thick, creamy, chocolaty and delicious.  

The Gypsy Den:

Sandwich: The Roast Turkey by far! With fresh oven roasted turkey, topped with cheese and fresh veggies, it’s a health nut’s delight!

Drink: The Spiced Chai Latte! Say goodbye to Starbucks bland Chai and hello to the Gypsy Den, because this a drink worth craving.

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