By Kimaya Singh

Does being a campus rep sound like a good time to you? Are you interesting in applying but you don’t know where to begin?

Here’s some advice to get you started-

To be a campus representative on campus, the first step is do some research. Google a few companies you think you’d be a great face for and are passionate about. See if they’re hiring campus representatives and if so, reach out and ask them if they have a rep at Chapman yet.

Since Chapman is a small school and campus reps are only recently becoming popular, there are still several companies that aren’t represented among our student population. And more often than not, these companies are just waiting for someone to reach out show interest.

Another way to go about getting a position as a campus rep is to talk to current campus representatives. If you think helping people design letters sounds like fun, reach out to one of the Show Your Spirit reps. If you’re interested in the music industry, ask one of the Spotify reps who’s taking over the baton when they graduate.

With Chapman’s campus rep culture being so young and fresh still, the opportunities are endless and easy to come by if you’re willing to put in the effort.

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