Awkward Hook-Up Stories

Story by Ruchika Bajaj

With frat parties, drunk college nights, and our reliance on social media it is no doubt with hooking up will come some more awkward experiences and some less awkward experiences. Here are some you may be able to relate to or could take something away from.

The Unexpected Next Day Encounter

In London this summer, Nicole Mormann took a trip to Edinburgh with some friends she was studying abroad with. They arrive at the hostel and the hostel wants to go to pub crawl. Her and her ex had just broken up, everyone was drinking, having a good time and out in the town together. She had noticed this guy at the pub giving her vibes and the "eye," so she decided to go for it. She hooked up with him at the bar and by the end of the night had blacked out. After she hooked up with him she told her friends how she hopes she never had to see him again, but to her dismay she unexpectedly saw him on a hike that her and her friends decided to go on the next morning. As they are going up the hike they see him coming down from the hike and he asks if he can join them and goes back up with them. OH BOY!

Night at the Opera

I never thought I would hook-up with my crush’s best friend and roommate. After a night spent at a 3 hour French Opera, where I had to sit alone because we arrived late, I was already put in an uncomfortable situation. The opera finishes and we head back to his place and little did I think that things could become any more awkward. We head to his room and his ego is sure to come out when he starts to flaunt the films he has made. As the film is playing he leans in and we hook-up for what seemed like forever. It's getting late and I'm ready to head home. So he grabs his keys and drives me back. At this point I've suffered an opera where I sat along, his films, and a silent car ride. We arrive at my dorm, he kisses me goodnight and I head up to my room. A couple minutes later my phone rings, thinking it'd be my friend asking how the date was, oh but was I wrong. It was him asking me if I was on the pill. "WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT," I think to myself. No clothes came off when we were hooking up, why does he need to know if I'm on the pill? All questions that raced through my mind. But I responded with a simple yes and our conversation ended. WHAT A NIGHT!

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