Answering life’s questions

It’s not hard to remember the beginning of my life: pink tutus, Disney movies and playgrounds.

But looking ahead six months and into the rest of my life – it’s very hard.

For 14 years I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. For the past five years I knew who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Now the rest of my life is up for sale. But it’s a hefty price.

The thought of graduating is terrifying for most seniors and rightfully so. The stress of finding a job and trying to keep it might just be one of the scariest reality checks. Well, I checked into the reality of my life after graduating from high school. I chose to change my direction in life from training to become a professional ballet dancer to attending University of California Irvine under the undecided category. Never once have I been undecided.

Since then, I have followed my likes and dislikes and have fallen upon journalism.

I once thought that I would never find a passion again. But after throwing my whole self into writing, editing and reporting, I found my new passion. However, there is not a day that goes by I don’t question my career path and my choices. This may seem normal and healthy, but it’s scary for me.

Questioning my career path was one thing, but questioning my love life was something I never wanted to confront. After dating one guy for five years I was secure in what I wanted. But after recently losing that, I had a brand new set of questions in front of me.

After May 23, 2009, I will have faced the fear of graduating and hopefully have found a secure job. But most likely I’ll still be questioning my career path. And as for my love life, I’ve filed away those questions.

All this questioning might be new to me, but how else am I supposed to find the answers? It might be easy to remember the past, the pink tutus and the pirouettes. And I might not find the answers to my questions. But questioning everything at the brink of my life might just be the answer I’m looking for.

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