5 Ways To End Up with Your Soulmate

by Megan Sanborn

Since Justin Bird is using his business degree to find millionaires romantic partners on Millionaire Matchmaker, here is a simple and beneficial guide to finding and keeping your one true love.

1) Look for a connection on your own turf.

So if you hate going out to that bar your roommate drags you to every Thursday, chances are you’re not going to find your newest partner there. Go hang out in locations where you feel most comfortable, and you’ll most likely spot a candidate enjoying that spot for the same reasons you do.

2) Groom yourself.

Trying to make a good impression on a future love connection? Take care of yourself and make sure you are presentable. Come on, you know the basics; our parents taught us the fundamentals of hygine when we were toddlers. Cleanliness is key, but it can often be overlooked due to pure laziness. So brush your hair and don't put on that dirty shirt that's been on the floor for over a week now. And pop a mint in your mouth while you're at it. You know, the basics!

3) Talk with them, not to them.

It sounds cynical, but most people struggle with having a legitimate conversation with other people that does not have anything to do with themselves. Take the time to listen to what your potential mate is saying. If you have something to add to the conversation, wait until they are done speaking. This is not only common courtesy, but it is also an instant plus when one applies it to their own social life. So stop yapping about your web series and listen to what your partner has to say.

4) Always surprise them.

Spontaneous moments are the most amazing and memorable highlights in a relationship. Take advantage of this and spoil your date or treat them to a special night out. Don't get stuck in a rut when you both get too comfortable with one another. Shake things up as often as you can! These are the memories that will be reminisced upon later – the dates that were thought up on the spot or the secret adventures planned in advance without your partner's knowledge.

5) Lastly, be honest.

Don’t try to be something you’re not by pretending to also like their music and weird love of Indian food. Don't lie to your potential partner and don't lie to yourself. Just because they like Indian food doesn't mean you have to. And you don't – it gives you a stomach ache. You must be truthful in order to be fully committed to someone. No relationship will last if you are constantly trying to be what your partner is looking for. Be yourself and you will find someone who loves you for all your likes and dislikes. To quote Stevie Wonder and 98°, you must be true to your heart.

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