5 money-saving apps that you should be using already

  1. Gasbuddy

We all know that gas in California is the farthest thing from cheap. Gasbuddy is an app that will list the prices of each gas station near by; preventing buyer’s remorse when later realizing the gas station down the block from the one you just used is 20 cents cheaper.

  1. Cartwheel

Who doesn’t love Target? With Cartwheel you can easily find savings and coupons for your favorite things in every department.

  1. Ibotta

Ibotta offers you cash rewards for completing simple tasks through their app and making purchases at your favorite stores. It really is that easy. Don’t believe me? Download it and find out for yourself.


The perfect app for college students, because who wants to spend $200 on a textbook you will probably only need when it comes finals time? Instead, scan the barcode of the book you need in this app, and it will bring up a list of the cheapest available options online.

  1. Viggle

Viggle is an app that rewards you for watching TV. Yes, you heard that right. Whenever you are watching something, all you have to do it “check in” on Vigil and you will receive instant rewards, like gift cards to all of your favorite places.

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