About Us

We’ve rebranded!

For years, Chapman’s student-run magazine has been an integral part of the journalism department. The magazine was recently renamed ChapBook to distinguish itself from Prowl, the daily news site. ChapBook is a sister publication to the new Prowl outlet. We are run by a team of classmates with the help of our professor, Sheila Anne Feeney, and we publish twice each semester. 

This semester’s team

Mari Lundin

Managing Editor
Claire Treu

Staff Writers 
Alya Hijazi
Hanna Yorke
Autumn Sumruld
Samantha Colwell
Brooke Archer
Jackie Samuelsen

Want to take the magazine class? We’d love to have you!

English 319 welcomes a new team of writers and editors each semester, and it is a great way to develop your writing and professional skills as well as involve yourself in the Chapman community. Please reach out to Professor Feeney at feeney@chapman.edu.